Radio Presenter Reveals Personal Relationship With Nakuru Killer Doctor

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NRG Radio presenter Natalie Githinji has revealed her relationship with the Nakuru doctor accused of killing his two children and attempting suicide.

In her morning show, Githinji revealed that the doctor, James Gakara, has been her gynecologist for more than one and half years. She claimed that it is the accused who discovered her health condition.

During this time when the doctor was treating her, Githinji claimed that it is accused who her hope of recovering while battling a serious health condition.

“The doctor was with me in my medical journey. He discovered my condition. He took me through the journey for like one and a half years,” she said.

“I used to give up, telling him that I’m tired but he used to tell me that I was going to be okay,” Githinji added.

Githinji noted that the news about the doctor committing murder was shocking and the death of the two minors was unfortunate.

NRG radio presenter Natalie Githinji. Photo: Instagram As she spoke about the incident, Githinji noted that she regrets not asking the doctor about his well-being when she had the chance to.

“I am just imagining now what he felt sitting behind that desk asking me what I was going through, I just wish I could have asked him how he was doing,” she said.

Following the incident, Githinji urged Kenyans to always check on their friends, more so, those who seem brave and undisturbed.

The doctor is said to have killed his two children, age three and five, on Saturday night. According to preliminary investigations, the suspect killed the minors by injecting them with a yet-to-be-established drug.

The doctor is currently recovering at Nakuru Level Five Hospital while the bodies of the children have been taken to the hospital’s morgue awaiting an autopsy exam.

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