Risper Faith Says She Doesn’t Want To Lose Weight

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Socialite Risper Faith has revealed that she is worried she is becoming skinny. Risper is among the most curvaceous socialites that we currently have in the country. While so many might be having major fears, for Risper, it is to lose what her doctor gave her.

In an Instagram story, she took a sideways pic and revealed that she doesn’t like the results. Recently, Risper has been working really hard to keep fit. Once in a while, she shares videos at the gym with her hubby and it seems like she is not pleased with the results. Below is the photo she shared and how she captioned it.

Risper Faith made headlines early this year after she underwent cosmetic surgery that cost her almost half a million Kenyan shillings. According to Risper, she was not feeling confident about her baby weight and that is why she decided to find another alternative. If you are not aware of what liposuction is, it is a process where fat is removed from your back and tummy to make your waist appear tiny.


The bigger you are, the more sessions you will have to undergo. Each session is roughly four hundred and fifty thousand Kenyan shillings, and Risper paid all that just to have that tiny waist.

When asked why she decided to undergo the surgery, Riser said the following.

I was undergoing liposuction because I have had too much fat in very unwelcome places following the birth of my two-year-old son,” she breaks the ice. “I haven’t worn a bikini since the birth of my son as I have not been confident wearing one. It felt uneasy. I am not saying that I have been overweight, but that I needed to sculpt out the body shape I wanted to have. I so badly wanted to regain my sexy body back and overly boost my self-esteem as a woman.

Risper Faith liposuction

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