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Musician Wahu Kagwi has celebrated her daughter, Tumi Mathenge after launching her initiative dubbed, Girl to Girl. In a social media post, the musician gushed over her daughter stating that the initiative was launched to supply sanitary towels to school going girls. 

What I love about Gen-Z is that they’re not all talk, they do! Congratulations Tumi Mathenge on launching the Girl to Girl Kenya initiative, an initiative designed to spread period positivity and to raise funds to support school girls who don’t have access to adequate sanitary supplies. Tumi Mathenge doesn’t understand why sanitary towels aren’t in abundant supply while condoms are handed out for free in many places, yet periods aren’t a choice while sex is. This is why she started Girl to Girl because girls shouldn’t have to miss school because they are on their periods,” wrote Wahu in part. 

The musician went ahead to reveal that they held their first clinic in a school in Kajiado County where she supported 30 girls for a year. “We had our first activity in Napopong primary school Kajiado, where she raised enough funds to support 30 girls through 1 whole year. To the students in Napopong. It was amazing to see the work you’re doing!! We need more people like you in this Kenya,” she added.  

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