How Much Terrence Creative Paid For Milly’s Dowry

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Terrance creative has just opened up about how he struggled to pay Milly Chebby’s dowry. Through a youtube video, Terrence narrated how four years ago, he almost missed a chance to be with Milly after he almost failed to pay her dowry.


So Terrance narrated how he got mugged a day before h was to travel to Milly’s home and the thieves stole all the money he had only for him to be left with the gifts that he was going to present to Milly’s people.

Terrence’s uncles helped him to raise twenty three thousand last minute which he then presented to Milly’s parents. They refused to accept the money and Terrence and his uncles were sent to out to think about how they will add a few notes to what they had initially presented. He managed to get 2k and agreed with the parets that he will pay the rest in installments for four months.

Nilifika nyumbani nikaambia ndugu yangu. Wakaniuliza nitafanya nini. Niliwaambia usiambie mtu chochote hadi tufike huko. Nilienda Naivasha kuchukua my other relatives. Niliambia ma relatives wangu wajue sina pesa kwa sababu aki sikua na pesa. Gukaa yangu wakaanza kushangaa tutafanya nini. Walichanga 23,000 on my ruracio. Guka yangu aliwaeleza story nilikua nimebeba ziliibiwa.  Tukaambiwa tutoke nje tukaongeze pesa. Hapa nje, tulikua tumeanza kuchangisha.

Milly and Terrence shared the story on their youtiube cahnnel and the video which has already gained so many views on youtube. Below are comments from their fans.


I laughed the whole time. But, hapo kwa pesa i think Terence aliibiwa for real, kama alienda casino angesema si unajua haogopi kuchoma😂😂😂

Convo corner is the best thing that ever happened on YouTube .I love you guys real as real can be.

The fact that mtu wa camera haezi fungia kicheko is a clear indication that these two amazing human beings are a Vibe.Lakini Milly na Terence mko addictive Sana😂😂😂😂your videos mtu huclick haraka bila kufikiria

The part he said he told them money was stolen and everyone was quiet and the family said they were quiet too when they found out, I died I can totally envision their faces 🤣🤣🤣

Terrence Creative

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