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‘I’m only willing to be a cat mum,’ Muthoni Gitau on having kids

YouTuber Muthoni Gitau has insisted that she is not interested in having kids or even be a step-mother.

Speaking in an interview with Lynn Ngugi, the YouTuber said she won’t even go for adoption, maintaining that she only what’s to mother her cat.

“I do not want to give birth it starts there, even for adoption, No. I do not even want to be a stepmom. The only mom I am willing to be is a cat mom,” she said.

Gitau also spoke on challenges that she has faced after declaring that she is not interested in having kids, revealing that she has faced a lot of criticism.

She stated that a lot of people have been telling her to date foreigners since most of them share same thoughts as her.

“If you think a woman having autonomy over their own body is a white man ideology, what does that say about you and the women in your life? How do you treat the women around you?” She posed.

This came a week after she explained why she decided to share their break up video on YouTube.

Speaking in a recent radio interview, the YouTuber explained that they did not want people to speculate the reason behind their break up.

“I wanted to do it in my own words. I was in a relationship for 7/8 years and it ended and I decided to share that. The reason I decided to do that is I wanted to share it in my own words. A lot of things happen and a story is written and you have no control over it,” said Gitau.

The two announced their break up in July this year, ending a 7-year marriage on grounds that their goals were no longer tenable and they had to let go.

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