Twitter to Fix Tweets From Disappearing When Your Feed Auto-Refreshes


One of the issues bugging users on Twitter is when the timeline auto-refreshes while you’re in the middle of reading a good tweet that suddenly disappears. There’s a ton of complaints on the platform about this issue and now the social media giant has taken it upon itself to finally fix this problem.

Love when km in the middle of reading a tweet and that singular tweet disappears from my timeline

— zaniel (@tellyourwrld) September 14, 2021

Something is wrong with Twitter or the connection right now, can’t tweet, it keeps refreshing every 10-15 seconds and my tweet disappears.

— 🌹Komala Dila ~🌹 (@Dila1Komala) September 15, 2021

Hate it when I start reading an interesting tweet right in front of me when I open the app and twitter automatically refreshes and the tweet I was reading disappears into a Blackhole never to be found 😤😤

— Aditya Sharma (@adi2088) September 15, 2021

Twitter said that they are working on rolling out updates to fix the way they show its users tweets so they don’t disappear.

That’s what we’re fixing with these updates. We want you to be able to stop and read a Tweet without it disappearing from view.

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) September 22, 2021

Twitter didn’t share exactly what changes it plans to make but we’ll have to wait another two months before we see an immediate fix.

The company has lately been on a rollout, testing and bringing in new features such as the ability to remove followers without blocking them, a new edge-to-edge format for pictures and videos, new social privacy tools, Super Follows feature, safety mode to limit abuse by automatically blocking harassers and more.

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