Vera Sidika Shares Details About Her Delivery

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Vera Sidika’s baby is almost here and all I can say is, finally! Vera has been sharing her baby bump pics now and the and the truth is, she has made pregnancy look so beautiful! Last night Vera shared her Instagram stories and revealed that she has decided to undergo an elective CS to deliver her baby.

According to Vera, she is not ready to go through the pain of labour and that is why she is opting to undergo an elective CS.

Ever since Vera announced her pregnancy, she has been filling our timelines with baby bump photos and we love to see it. she announced that she is finally eight months and can you believe how fast time went by? She made the announcement just yesterday and here she is, one more month to go and a mini Vera will step onto the face of the earth! Earlier on, Vera revealed that she wanted to deliver her baby in the US but thanks to the pandemic, she decided to deliver her baby here.


I almost travelled to give birth in USA. Since my 5 years Visa is valid. But this Covid pandemic isn’t fun. Then again, we couldn’t handle the idea of being Away from family and friends during my pregnancy for 4-6 months. While pregnant. You need all the love, affection from friends, family. On a regular. Being in a foreign country where everyone is super busy, working 2 or more jobs to even have time for you. Can be every depressing. Especially in this pandemic. You all just end up alone while everyone’s at work. I made the right decision and I have enjoyed my entored pregnancy journey. Nothing beats Home

Vera Sidika

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