Woman fakes kidnapping to make money from husband.

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Police on Monday arrested a married woman, who allegedly eloped with a younger man and claimed to have been kidnapped.

The suspect, Jane Wairimu Ndugu, disappeared last Friday, September 17, leaving her husband Brian Mutuku worried on her whereabouts.

That night as he was thinking on his next move, Mutuku received a call from his wife who sounded panic stricken, claiming to have been kidnapped by unknown people who were demanding Sh 200,000as ransom.

She claimed to have been kidnapped as she was walking along Loita street, in Nairobi’s Central Business District. Mutuku later filed a report at DCI Embakasi.

However, as the detectives were pursuing the suspect, Wairimu’s kin and the husband raised Sh 17,000 and sent it to the alleged kidnappers.

Unbeknownst to them, Wairimu had eloped with a Cab driver to his one roomed abode in Malaa.

As days went by, the family became impatient and formed a WhatsApp group to make contribution towards her release. A further Sh 40,000 was sent on Monday and the two travelled from Malaa to mtito-a-ndei to withdraw the money, Ostensibly to distract our eagle eye detectives who were on their trail.

As the detectives from Special Unit and crime Research & Intelligence Bureau were about to pounce on the duo, there was a sudden turn of events.

The alleged Kidnapper Richard Mogire had promised his 21-year-old girlfriend, a Student at JKUAT that he would take her out over the weekend.

The girlfriend kept calling and sending him messages asking him why he had stood up her. Mogire tried to explain that he would make it up to her this coming weekend but she would hear none of it and demanded that he picks her up, lest she leaves him.

Afraid of loosing his main, Mogire who is a man of many abilities changed the vehicle he was earlier using to avoid detection, picked his lovestruck main girlfriend from the Juja based University and went with her to the one roomed house where he had stayed with Wairimu since her faked disappearance.

As detectives later established after arresting them, the three had stayed together in the one roomed abode since Monday, Wednesday afternoon when they apprehended in Sagana.

After the arrest, Wairimu explained that she had forced her disappearance to get away from creditors, who were on her neck since she lost her job .

The three are currently detained at Embakasi Police station, waiting to be arraigned in court.

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