Zari’s Ex Reveals How She’s Occasionally Ignored

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South African-based Ugandan business lady Zari Hassan, on Thursday, took to social media to remind her ex-Ghanian boyfriend Frederick Nuamah how much she still loves him.

She made her confession while responding to a long birthday message the Ghanian actor wrote for her.

In his text, Frederick alias Black Stallion praised Zari for being an amazing mother to their children. He said that Zari has always worked hard to make the lives of her five children better and has always given them the first priority.

According to the actor, the only regrettable thing about Zari’s hard work is that there is nobody to always appreciate her or encourage her for the job she does.

Zari’s boyfriend Frederick Nuamah alias Black Stallion. Photo: Instagram “Birthday is actually the day ur mother gave birth to u. Life-giver, in whose body u literally grew and became human. Birthdays are meant for them. Today I’m celebrating u on behalf of Mama. This has been on my mind for a while and honestly, I’m not really sure why I haven’t said this to u B4, so here we go: U are a freaking amazing mom. I don’t even know where to begin. There will never be enough words to describe how much I(we) appreciate u, how blessed Ur kids are to have u, or to explain to u how much of a role model you’ve always been to ur kids. Ur love and compassion for ur children shows in everything u do; u’ve made ample sacrifices for ur kids and continue to do so every day. Nothing comes before ur children, and anyone who knows u knows this to be true. Motherhood is hard. I truly believe it’s the hardest job. The unfortunate tin about it is that there’s no one to tell u when u’re doing great or offer a little encouragement when u need it. It’s not like a job in an office where we have a boss telling us where we are successful and where we need to work a little harder. Happy birthday my love @zarithebosslady and welcome to 41. Pls, an entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of de World can’t put u down unless u allow it to get inside u. Have a wonderful birthday,” He wrote on his Instagram wall.

Responding to the message, Zari revealed that Frederick’s world made her have some emotional connection and she will always love him.

Zari Hassan says she still loves her ex-boyfriend. Photo Instagram “Will love you always @fredericknuamah . Thank you, I can feel this from the bottom of your heart ❤️😍,” Zari said.

The exchange of pleasantries between the two, however, seemed peculiar as just a month ago, Zari revealed that she is currently single and not looking forward to being in a relationship. Zari’s confession came after an Instagram follower asked her if she is currently seeing someone.

“Mama Tee Sorry to ask but for Now are single or Taken @ZaritheBosslady,” the follower asked.

She responded by saying: “@IamofficalAlanWar Single and Not searching.”

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