CIRAD Rolls Out Initiative To Combat Trypanosomosis

CIRAD has officially begun a new initiative to combat animal trypanosomosis, a parasite disease carried by the tsetse fly.

The initiative will be carried out under a consortium of 21 partners led by CIRAD.

The illness, which is a disaster for African livestock farmers, is also at risk of spreading to Europe as a result of globalization.

The European Union’s H2020 initiative provided €5.9 million for the four-year COMBAT project.

A significant presence of African partners in 13 endemic countries, as well as direct engagement of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, will assure its execution and impact (FAO).

Animal trypanosomes are causing severe economic challenges for African cattle ranchers.

There is no vaccination, and existing medications are losing their potency as parasites develop resistance.

Existing diagnostic procedures are difficult to use in the field, and vector control technologies, which are often ineffective and harmful to the environment, must be improved.

COMBAT will expand animal trypanosome knowledge, develop innovative control technologies, and consolidate surveillance, diagnostic, and control networks by establishing harmonized epidemiological information systems and national and regional control policies over a four-year period.

It will also strengthen the capacity of African livestock farmers and veterinary services to fight the disease while raising awareness among policymakers concerned with food security and poverty reduction.

*This article was written by Gerald Gekara for Uzalendo News.  Email: uzalendonews24@gmail.com to submit your story.

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