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Content creator Terence Creative says that he decided to engage Chebby because he wanted to settle down and start a family with her.”I remember our engagement was a week before our traditional wedding and it was very successful. I thank God of how it happened, it was a miracle, low-budget but it was superb. I went to town on a Thursday night to withdraw money for her dowry.

I had saved a lot and some friends had given me some cash. I took the money and left for home so that I travel in the morning and surprise my wife and her family. I took a taxi and a lighted at Chai Road, immediately I stepped out, four men accosted me and robbed me the money, leaving me with gifts,” he said. 

Terence reached home and told his brothers and uncle about the incident, “I got to the house and told my brothers and uncle about the ordeal and instructed them not to tell anyone about the incident until we get to the event. We got up in the morning and left. We reached Naivasha and picked some of my relatives. We got to Eldoret and while in a barbershop I told my uncle and grandfather that I didn’t have any money on me and we raised Sh23,000,” said Terence

Following discussions among elders from both Terence and Chebby’s side, they allowed him to pay the required amount within four months. “I had been given four months to settle the dowry. The four months came to pass and I had not raised the money. Her mother started reaching out to me and sending me articles about man sued for not paying dowry (sic). After every three weeks she would send messages. I was under pressure to the point that I sought help from elders,” he said. 

When Terence’s character ‘Kamami’ went viral and he was able to settle the required amount. “Towards the end of 2018, Kamami became a brand and deals started coming through. I was making money and I eventually settled the dowry,” he concluded. 

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