Doctor who allegedly killed his kids causes brief on-screen drama as Smriti Vidyarthi refuses to honor him

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Thank God for the fact that former ntv reporter Sheila Sendeyo is now the station’s producer and so is behind the cameras. An incredible and dramatic tiff between her and popular news anchor Smriti Vidyarthi was narrowly escaped. This was after Smriti politely but firmly declined to read whatever was on the teleprompter, and which, surprisingly, appeared to refer to James Gakara in flattering terms. This forced the producer to splash on the screen the script, even as Smriti stood firm, completely declining to refer to Dr. Gakara as “good” which was what was on the teleprompter. Gakara is suspected of having killed his two children through poisoning, before unsuccessfully trying to take his own life.

Reading a news item concerning the dead doctor who was based in Nakuru, Smriti Vidyarthi stopped midway as if alarmed by something, before starting again, and once more, halting in the middle. At this point, she appeared to altogether discard whatever she was required to read on the teleprompter and delivered the item in her own words. The unease which was building up in the studio became apparent after she was taken off-screen and replaced by an image of the script, even as she determinedly continued to read her own script. The teleprompter’s script read, “The good doctor who killed his children”.

The doctor is suspected of killing his two children by injecting them with insulin before also succumbing to health complications himself.

News about his death was confirmed by Nakuru County Police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri.

“Dr Gakara has passed on at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital. We have since informed the family,” said Kiraguri.

Dr James Gakara was found unconscious on his bed in Milimani Apartments house on Saturday night and rushed to Nakuru Level Five Hospital where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Bodies of his daughter and son aged three and five respectively were also found in a different room.

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