French opinion on football supporters is declining

According to a poll carried out on September 22 and 23 of the current year and proposed to more than 1000 French people carried out by Odoxa for Keneo and RT, 35% of them have a good opinion of football supporters, a result in 10 points drop in just 6 months. It must be said that the latest excesses (Nice-Marseille, Lens-Lille, Angers-Marseille …) have not really improved the esteem of the population for spectators in the stands. Among football fans, the proportion is certainly more positive, but has also experienced a significant drop in the same period of time (57%, or 12 points less).

In addition, again according to the polling company, the words used by the French to define them are not flattering: they qualify them. “Idiots” at 57% (+ 8%) and “Dangerous” at 55% (+ 4%). Nevertheless, supporters are also considered to be ” joyful “ at 68%, “Indispensable to the show” at 63% and ” warm “ at 55%. If these latest figures seem encouraging, they have fallen between 7 and 9 since the last poll carried out last February. Finally, going to stadiums with the family is becoming more and more compromised: the situation is so problematic that 53% of French people no longer feel safe in a football stadium, even less with children (65%).

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