Teachers fired after 14-year-old girl records him asking for sex

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Welkom Preparatory school teacher has been fired after the Education Labour Relation Council (ELRC) found him guilty of committing an act of sexual assault on a pupil.

The incident which happened on Monday, a 14-year-old pupil was given a phone by her mother to gather evidence against a free estate teacher, when she used it recording the teacher purporting to ask for sex.

According to a local media, ELRC panelist Shiraz Osman who listened to the audio, said the mother’s decision was a great thought.

She says the school girl, who she refered to  as ‘MSX’ in the finding, testified that she was uncomfortable when the teacher whispered in her ear that he was not going to penetrate her to much.

According to the child statement while addressing the panel, she said the teacher was giving her a ride home in his car on a rainy day. She sat in the front seat while two other children were in the back.

Two days later, the girl recorded the teacher telling her they would take a drive, drink and kiss each other.

Osman went ahead and said that the educator told the learner that he desired her lips because they looked like her Vagina.

He further says the teacher asked the child not to reveal to other learners on their discussion.

“He gave MsX his cellphone and asked her not to repeat what he had discussed. When the learner asked the educator for clarity about what she should give him, the educator indicated that she will give him her Vagina,” Osman said.

Osman says the girl appeared to be honest and bright, adding that she was not persuaded that she would fabricate such a story.

Meanwhile, the teacher did not attend the hearing but in a written statement he claimed the girl asked him for alcohol.

Osman order the teacher immediate dismissal.

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