DP Ruto — Don’t Lockout Politicians From Church

Deputy President William Ruto has advised clerics to preach to politicians rather than exclude them from the church.

The DP stated the message of God can be taught in numerous ways, and he has worked hard to get politicians to church on Sunday during a church service at AIPCA church in Meru.

“I’d want to appeal to the Bishops and other church officials to refrain from pursuing these individuals. Ruto said, “Preach to them.”

The second in command stated that he agrees with the clergy’s position prohibiting politicians from abusing their opponents at the altar.

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Ruto urged politicians to treat the church with respect whenever they have the opportunity to speak.

The DP’s comments came just two weeks after numerous churches prohibited politicians from appearing at church services.

Jackson ole Sapit, the head of the Anglican Church, forbade politicians from speaking to congregations in any of the church’s churches across the country on September 13.

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