Mudavadi makes fun of Ruto for the slogan he used in Makueni

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For the last couple of months, deputy president, and United Democratic Alliance defacto party leader William Ruto has been traversing the entire country sharing with his supporters how his bottom-up economic approach has changed the political discourse and narrative in the country to the point where everyone else is now talking about the economy. In a strange case of coincidence, during his recent Makueni trip, the DP said something which the Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi noticed, and was pretty quick to jump on it.

During a meeting at the party’s headquarters in Nairobi, which was also used to endorse its new Secretary General, Simon Kamau Gikuru, the former Deputy Prime Minister during the coalition government said it was a good sign that the rest of the country, and even political players across the divide, were warming up to his economic development message which appears to resonate with everyone.

In a tongue in cheek comment, the ANC party leader then mockingly said he had noticed that almost everyone was now singing his song, and made specific reference to an incident in Makueni where a leading political leader was also now walking around using his slogans and chanting, “Amani na pesa mkononi”. Not begrudging them, he sarcastically said that all were welcome to use his campaign slogans if this is what is going to eventually turn out to be good for the country.

Just recently, the DP was on a campaign tour in Makueni where he drummed up support for UDA, and emphasised on his bottom-up approach.

On his part, Gikuru said the party is ready for its big win come 2022, where he exuded confidence that his party would roll out strategies which will ensure a comfortable win.

” We are going to make sure that come 2022, we will make history,” Gikuru said.

“While we are pushing for our party leader to become president, we must also make sure we have enough representation in the 47 counties.”

Mudavadi said the fact that his party had chosen a young secretary general was proof that his outfit had faith in young people.

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