‘Andrew Kibe Leaves In A 57 Years Old Woman’s House In USA Called Judith ” Eric Omondi Discloses

After Eric omondi posted a video wearing women’s cloths asking women to support tycoon jimmy wajingi ,Andrew kibe a form radio presenter also recorded him self asking Eric omondi to stop what he is doing and he face like a real man and not wearing like a woman so that he can get support from women .

Today Eric has disclosed that Andrew kibe has no place to stay in America and he lives in 57 years old woman house called Judith. Eric Omondi also disclosed that Andrew Kibe is bankrupt and Kenyans should help him the way they held former tahidi high actor Omosh

Eric omondi has asks Andrew kibe to come back to Kenya and he can help him. Eric also added that Andrew kibe lives in different houses in america since he can not afford to pay his own rent as he is helped by a woman known as Judith how is 57 years old

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