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Actress Brendah Jons sparked a debate online over the weekend after coming out as gay on Instagram live session where she also introduced her lover. In the live session, Jons opened up about her relationship and accused her former lover, Phy Lamar of cheating on her with makeup artist Phoina.

Jons also alleged that the make up artist engages in sexual activities with a lot of people, especially those in the limelight.  Prior to the live session on Saturday afternoon, the actress shared a statement on the live she held on Friday night, acknowledging that she was drunk, however, maintaining that what she said was the truth. 

Everything I did and said in that Instagram live, I was drink yes, but I didn’t lie about anything. My girlfriend cheated on me with Phoina. Both of the are whores and I’m not sorry,” she wrote. 

On Saturday evening, things escalated after Jons started sharing contradictory statements on her InstaStory; at one point claiming she is okay while at the same time she is badly heartbroken. It got worse to the point where she shared videos crying uncontrollably following the cheating claims. 

Sunday morning, the actress shared a statement apologising for her actions, noting that she would have handled the matter privately. “I know y’all didn’t deserve all these. It was not necessary to go live and even involve you in all this drama of my life. I should have dealt with this privately but I didn’t so I’m gonna have to live with that,” she said. “I apologise to everyone, and I mean everyone including those who wronged me for publicly tarnishing their names. Yes they were wrong but all this wasn’t really nature of me. Sorry to you all.” 

Brendah added that she is embarking on a ‘healthy break’ to heal from the heartbreak and subsequently work on herself. “I’m going through a lot right now, thank you for the messages and love. I’ll be okay. I’m going on a healthy break, I need it to heal and work on myself. Well, I can be toxic too, so I need to work on that as well.” 

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