Demand performance proof from leaders, Ruto tells Kenyans

MIGORI, Kenya Sep 26 – Deputy President William Ruto has urged Kenyans to demand performance score cards from individuals contesting for various seats in 2022.

He said that would enable them elect individuals who can take the country to the next level in terms of development.

Ruto said  Kenyans should elect  persons with proven development track records and reject those who relish on empty rhetoric.

The Deputy President said leaders must come out with score cards to show Kenyans what they have done in whatever positions they’ve served.

“Let’s elect leaders with clear ideas, programs, agendas and manifestos but not because of the tribes they come from,” said Ruto.

Addressing United Democratic Alliance (UDA) coordinators and grassroots leaders at the Sony Guest House in Migori County, Ruto called for an end to tribal politics.

He said those who have nothing to show for the many years they have been in leadership have no business seeking positions come the next election because of tribal connections.

Present were Governor Okoth Obado (Migori), MPs  Mathias Robi (Kuria West), Marwa Kitayama (Kuria East), Dindi Nyoro (Kiharu), Sylvanus Osoro (South Mugirango), Johanna Ngeno (Emurua Dikirr), former MP Omingo Magara and consultant Eliud Owalo.

Ruto asked other leaders to embrace parties with national outlook, instead of relying on voters from their respective ethnic communities.

“I want to encourage other parties to build a national network in every part of the country because this is the only way to unite the country,” he said.

At the same time, the Deputy President told Kenyans not to succumb to politics of fear and intimidation.

He said days were long gone when voters were intimidated and coerced to support certain individuals, saying Kenya was a democratic country where its citizens have the final say on issues of elections.

‘Kenyans cannot buy fear. If some people don’t have a plan or manifesto for the country, they should know that selling fear will not force the people to elect them for various seats in the next elections,” said Ruto.

Governor Obado asked Kenyans to exercise politics of tolerance.

He condemned the recent attack on one of the presidential aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi in the county, blaming ODM supporters on the chaos.

“We want democracy to thrive and not balkanize our region. I want to condemn the recent ugly incident that happened in this county. It was hooliganism orchestrated by ODM supporters,” said Obado.

The Governor said residents of Luo Nyanza were open to dialogue as part of efforts to embrace democracy, noting that times that some leaders relied on chaos to be elected were long gone.

Mr Obado said it was unfair for some people to force Kenyans with an unpopular moves to support certain individuals, saying the will of the people should be respected on matters of elections.

“We should not pretend to be  a democratic system while on the other hand we are forcing the people on matters of leadership. This is  the worst form of dictatorship we are witnessing in our time,” said Obado.

He added:”It’s Kenyans who always have the final say on matters of leadership.”

And while addressing wananchi in Awendo and Uriri towns, the Deputy President said the bottom up economic model was key in resolving problems facing ordinary Kenyans.

“We’ve resolved to change the economic model to benefit millions of ordinary Kenyans so as to improve their living standards,” said Ruto.

He regretted that the collapse of the Sony Sugar factory had subjected local farmers to untold suffering, saying it’s among the focus areas of the model.

“This is why when the right time comes, you must vote where there will be an opportunity to do business and get employment opportunities,” said Ruto.

The MPs urged the youths to engage in peaceful activities and desist from being misused to cause chaos.

“We want peaceful elections that are being done with dignity. Let’s all embrace peace,” said Nyoro.

MP Osoro told the residents to support Dr Ruto for presidency come the next election, saying he was committed to the improvement of lives of ordinary people.

“I ask you to support Dr Ruto for presidency next year. There is no need to use the same formula all the time. We’ve to try new things,” said Osoro.

The Deputy President had earlier attended a Church service at the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) in Awendo town.

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