Do not use digitization to spread hate speech, CS Mucheru warns the youth

NAIROBI,Kenya Sep 27 -Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru has urged the youth to exploit digitization as a force for public good as opposed to spreading hate speech.

Speaking on Monday while at the 11th International Research Conference for the School of Business and Economics 2021 at Kabarak University, Mucheru noted that the youth must embrace becoming peace ambassadors noting they stand to lose more when there is havoc in the country.

“Youth form almost three quarters of the country’s population. If there is peace in the country, youth will benefit the most at the same time you are the one who will suffer the most if peace is threatened,” said Mucheru.

He said the Youth have a chance to transform the country with the right mind set as the leaders of tomorrow.

“Digitization is a force for good, it can also be a force for evil in the wrong hands as it can be used for nefarious activities such as spreading hate speech and committing cyber-crimes,” he said.

Mucheru further applauded the youth for using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build a digital economy through identifying robust digital ideas.

“You are putting this country on the global map as an innovative digital savanna through coming up with life changing digital ideas like Mpesa,” said Mucheru.

The ICT Cabinet Secretary further urged Kenyans to embrace digitization by fighting for their place in the rapid exponential growth of the digital world.

“The pace of digital growth has been growing rapidly in the last two decades with groundbreaking technological innovations. It’s a cycle that keeps repeating itself,” Mucheru noted.

With the country boasting high network infrastructure, the Ministry of ICT is mooting on ensuring that more than 15 million youth access employment opportunities online by the year 2030.

“It is not just a mere dream but something that the government is actively pursuing and so far we have made commendable strides especially because of the exponential growth in the sector,” the CS elaborated.

Mucheru hinged this achievement on the Ajira Digital Program that has successfully introduced unemployed but skilled youth to the gig economy where they are able to create work for themselves and compete globally through multiple online work platforms.

“The Ajira Digital Program has proved to be a game changer. Our aim as Ministry of Youth is to ensure they reach their full potential through access of dignified work through training and providence of suitable infrastructure,” he said.

The initiative is part of the national government broader strategy to create an environment for work generation and skills development as well as incubate an entrepreneurship culture amongst the youth.

He said about 1.2 million people are currently working online through the Ajira program. Mucheru said the government has provided over 350 workstations with free computers and WiFi to facilitate the program.

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