Eric Omondi Dramatically Arrives At A Show On Horse Back, Accompanied With Men Doing Push ups


You could tell that some of the motorists were not happy, but they could have done nothing with the display of strength.

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Comedian Eric Omondi is slowly becoming the king of dramatic entrances at events in Kenya.

The entertainer made another of his eye-catching appearances at an event at a club on Kiambu Road on Saturday, September 26.

In a video shared on his Instagram account, the funnyman could be seen riding shirtless on a horse alongside his sidekick Antonio the MC.

As they made their way on one side of the road, part of his male entourage decided to create some traffic by performing to show off their strength.

While others watched, including motorists, some did pushups before continuing with their journey.

You could tell that some of the motorists were not happy, but they could have done nothing with the display of strength.

In videos that went viral on social media, Eric went on to have a great time at the event, even introducing socialite Amber Ray as his new lover, something many Kenyans still believe is a hoax.

The two danced suggestively, leaving many revellers stunned and questioning whether her alleged marriage to Jamal Rohosafi was real.

Mtaa Buzz, previously reported that the comedian did a ‘Prezzo’ as he attended the Luo Experience event at Moran Lounge on Sunday, August 1.

Recall rapper Prezzo’s dramatic helicopter entrance at the Carnioviore grounds during the Chaguo La Teeniez Awards in 2004, the self-proclaimed president of comedy did precisely that.

During the posh event where famous people show how extravagant they can get, Eric decided to show up with his team in a chopper.

In a video shared on his Instagram, the helicopter could be seen making a smooth landing on a basketball court as people gathered with their cameras out to document the moment.

As soon as the doors were opened, the comedian jumped out, dressed in a dark yellow suit with a long fur coat and a walking stick, walking at a speedy pace as his security detail tried to keep up.

Just like a real president, the funnyman even had an aide-de-camp dressed in all white as he made his way to the venue, with everyone wanting a glimpse.



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