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Media personality Willis Raburu’s baby mama Ivy Namu shared hard-hitting statements after a local blog shared false information about her. According to screenshots shared shared by the mother of one, the blog in question reported that she has a baby from her previous marriage. 

The information, which has since been disputed irked Namu, who took issue with bloggers publishing information about her personal life without her consent. “And even if being a celebrity in this country means you should expect and get used to such things happening, it still doesn’t make it right. Personally I didn’t ask to be in the limelight, everything from my relationship to my pregnancy was posted up. 

For the public without my consent. I literally never got to break the news about myself at my own time. And I met that go because it was facts anyway and also in our country that’s the life and the norm but what you won’t do is make up shit stories about my family and I and think that I’ll just stay quiet about it,” said Namu

Namu wondered how her fiancé manages to handle falsified information about him, noting that she has in numerous occasions thought of defending him but he is a pro at ignoring. “I don’t even know how my bae does it honestly, so many times I’ve wanted to defend him and even gone to the police to report some very disturbing things written about him but he is a pro at saying quiet and ignoring their tactics; something I’m yet to to learn and actually not sure I want to learn how cause those blogs are the ones supposed to learn how to respect people,” she added.  

The mother of one hit out at blogs for making stories without reaching out to her, saying their intention is to set up people. “Many things have been written but none of those blogs has ever attempted to reach out to me. And what’s the point if not to frustrate, embarrass or set peeps up for ridicule and judgement? Y’all need to be taken to court so that you learn not to plaster people’s name on any stupid story you come up with. So disgusting but you all know nobody will address your shallow tactics so you keep doing it,” said Namu

Namu maintained that she won’t keep silence while bloggers go out of their way and share false information about her, “I won’t be quiet quiet and let some of these less reputable, borderline gutter (attention angry) blogs thrive from my silence by coming up with more outrageous articles all the time. It’s evident that they’re used to nobody addressing their bad manners even thought they know what they’re doing by exposing people go cyber bullies by publishing lies. It’s not right and it should stop 

Honestly the fact that such gutter press can fabricate lies to get clicks and traffic to their pages is so wrong. It’s also not fair that they get to do this without nay consequence because most people would rather not validate them with responses or naive they role to just ignore them no matter how much pain they cause is the reason why they are getting bolder and more disrespectful by the day. This needs to stop,” added Namu.  

She concluded her statement by clarifying that her alleged daughter is her niece, also dismissing claims that she was previously married.  “I wasn’t ever going to clarify this because as an Auntie it does usually feel like you’re a mum but it doesn’t sit right with me to erase the beautiful work my beautiful cousin has done raising my lovely niece. If she was my daughter according to both our ages that would mean I had her when I was 13, surely which ‘previous marriage’ could I have been in at that age? I know blogs have made a habit out of writing anything for clicks and without any verification but let’s be serious please. Stop this big nonsense. That said, my sweet niece will always be my baby,” concluded Namu

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