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Actor Malik Lemmy, popularly known as Govi has opened up on life after quitting popular drama series, Machachari. Speaking in a recently, the actor said how he stopped getting work-related calls, adding that some of his friends in the industry stopped talking to him.  

After quitting the show, I knew there were so many doors that were gonna open but that was just a thought. After some time phone calls stopped coming in, those who who were my friends stopped being friends. I really have a tight circle but those people that I knew were my friends in the industry they stopped being there for me. I got angry because I never knew there was that phase in life but thank God I saw it,” said Govi

Malik said things got worse to the point where he thought a section of people in the industry had orchestrated his downfall following the Machachari exit. “Quitting was a choice, I didn’t know the consequence whether positive or negative. I had both positive and negative consequences. At that time I was so bitter and negative, I was at home all the time, I used to get shows where I would get paid and suddenly all those things came to an end. So I started thinking there were people that made sure I don’t flourish in the industry after quitting but that wasn’t the case, they were all thoughts,” he said. 

Adding, “At that point my mother was there for me. She has always been there for me whether I’m at a very low or high moment in my life and she got really angry because I couldn’t even watch Netflix. I hated acting at that particular time. I started spending time in my room and I’m an extrovert, my friends would call and I’d lie to them that I was working and I didn’t have any job at the moment.” 

However, after some time, Malik auditioned for a role on TV series, Kina a role which he said came as a rollercoaster. “I later landed a role on Kina and it taught me once you hate something and you start loving it, you love it more and more,” said Malik.  

He also spoke on getting support from other players in the acting industry, noting that he rarely gets support from his colleagues. “I kinda felt like it was the only me in the acting industry that I was not supported by anyone a part from my mother. I can count the number of people in the industry who have called me or a text message congratulating me for a project that I’ve done. I get the most from my fans,” stated Malik

Malik also talked about his relationship status, “I’ve dated twice and they were beautiful relationships it’s only that sometimes I don’t have the energy to progress. I’ve always wished for a woman who is like my mother. I value time, respect and communication those are three key things, and also understanding yourself; self realisation,” he said. 

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