China will limit abortions. And it has nothing to do with health

China will reduce the number of abortions performed for reasons unrelated to health, the government announced on Monday, adding that measures will also be created to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

The authorities also plan to improve sex education and strengthen post-abortion and post-partum family planning services, the agency reported. Reuters. In 2018, health authorities warned that abortion to end unwanted pregnancies was harmful to women, who were running the risk of becoming infertile.

China has already enacted measures aimed at preventing sex-selective abortions, which contribute to gender inequality. After years of trying to limit population growth, the country wants to bet on policies to encourage couples to have more children.

According to the Guardian, O declining birth rate in China has been pointed out as one of the main challenges of social policy in the coming decades. Although it remains the most populous country in the world, population growth from 2011 to 2020 was the slowest since 1950. The population is expected to start declining within a few years.

Data from the National Health Commission showed that between 2014 and 2018 there were an average of 9.7 million abortions per year, a 51% increase from the 2009-2013 average, despite policies to allow each family to have more than two children. The data did not specify how many abortions occurred for medical reasons.

In an attempt to limit abortions, Jiangxi Province issued new guidelines in 2018, stipulating that women over 14 weeks pregnant must have the approval of three medical professionals before performing the procedure.

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