Domestic brawl turns tragic as girl, 8, dies after being hit during parents’ fight.

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Police in Kilgoris have arrested a couple following the death of their eight-year-old daughter.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, the suspect, Esther Kaiseyi, and Amos Maengwe, were involved in a domestic brawl which turned fatal after the husband in an attempt to hit his wife with a wooden object missed the target and ended up dealing a deadly blow on his daughter.

“The two Esther Kaiseyi, 21, and Amos Maengwe, 30, who were on each other’s throat in the 10 pm incident, immediately stopped their fight and together carried their daughter to hospital for medical attention,” DCI said.

“Along the way, they were stopped by police officers on the beat who owing to the condition of the little girl who had a deep cut on her head, rushed them to nearby Kilgoris Sub-county hospital to help save the life of the minor. She was in critical condition.”

Upon arrival at the facility, doctors tried to attend to the girls whose condition had worsened, but unfortunately she lost her life while undergoing treatment.

The two parents were taken to Kilgori police station , as detectives finalize their Investigation before arraigning them in court.

Elsewhere, a suspect who jumped from the 3rd floor of an apartment to evade arrest, is nursing his self inflicted injuries at Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital, in serious condition.

Sgt (W) Rose Mwanzi had stormed his house at 10am, accompanied by constable Geoffrey Koros, to arrest him for obtaining money by false pretenses.

However, in a bid to trick the officers, Mongare emerged from his bedroom naked, prompting the officers to allow him to dress up. But moments later after putting on a pair of denim pants and a checked short, Mongare mischievously dashed to the kitchen and flew from the balcony.

The officers attached to the Embakasi Police station were the first responders at the scene where they adminstered first aid to the suspect, as they prepare his file so that he can answer to charges of obtaining money by false pretenses.

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