Kamene Recalls Being A House Wife

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After Justice Teresia Matheka ruled that a housewife should be considered a full-time job, radio queen Kamene Goro decided to share how her life was when she was a house wife and was married to her former Tanzanian husband. Speaking on her breakfast show, Kamene said that being a housewife was so hard. She said:

“I used to be a housewife and here was my routine. My man was to get to work by 8-9 am so I would wake up by 7:00 am.

I would pick out the clothes he would wear and iron them, after that, I would run the shower so that the water gets hot.

I would set his skincare products in one place, as he had a skincare routine. I would make the bed and set out his clothes on the bed. After that, I would go to the kitchen and give orders on what was to be prepared for breakfast.


Kamene says her ex detested waking up to a grimy house so she needed to ensure the house help had cleaned the house before her man woke up.

“After breakfast, she would prepare him a snack to carry to work.”

When you think you have sufficiently heard, Kamene says her significant other could never eat food prepared by another person.


“I would ensure the garden is in order. He also loved green vegetables so I would go pick some from the shamba, bring them to the house helps and have them prepared.

I would then cook his lunch, he never ate food prepared by someone else. Mimi huyo kwa gari, I take the lunch to him, he eats and I take back the containers.

I go to the supermarket and run any other errand then go back home. Later we would go to the gym. Being a housewife means you are always on call.

Kamene is currently engaged to a mystery man and no one knows who he is.

Kamene Goro Ex husband

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