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Actress Mary Airo, popularly known as Mama Nyaguthii has opened up on her relationship with departed actor Charles Bukeko, alias Papa Shirandula. Speaking to Buzz Central, the actress said the departed actor was too dear to her, talking of how he treated the whole cast as his family. 

Papa was an amazing person and he treated us like his own children to the point that sometimes when I remember I see life has changed without him because I believe right now if he would be around, life would be different because he would go out of his way to make sure we never lacked like his own children. He was thinking ahead and he was thinking of coming up with other programmes. Before his death we were already working on another programme and now following his death we had to realign ourselves but we believe everything will be alright,” said Mama Nyaguthii

She talked about her paralegal work saying she decided to persue law after her mother was arrested following a minor accident. “What made me develop an interest in law was when my mother was arrested, she was a tailor and she would make clothes and sometimes carry work home. One day when she was headed home, she carried her a pair of scissors which was very sharp and it ripped her handbag cutting a woman in the market. The injured woman followed my mum home and then went and reported her to the police. My mother was arrested and then I did not know the law so I told my dad to talk to the woman and settle the matter without going to the court but my mother spent the night in the police cell. The woman later agreed settle the matter and my mother was released and that made me get the urge of knowing the law,” she said. 

On one of the worst cases she has handled in her course of duty, the actress disclosed an incident where a suspect confessed to killing his wife, her daughter and brother. “A suspect confessed to me how he killed three people in one night, that broke my heart to imagine that he killed his wife, daughter and went ahead and killed his brother,” she recalled. 

Mama Nyaguthii also revealed his first payment in the acting industry, disclosing that she was paid Sh300 per show. “The first payment I got was Sh300 per show and that was the highest paid. It was crazy but we still soldered on and built our careers,” she said. 

The actress also weighed on the former Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB) boss Ezekiel Mutua’s controversial tenure, “He was suppose to be serving us. He cannot make utterances that he was making against artistes. He was the person who was supposed to ensures that artistes are not poor, he cannot sit there and behave like a moral police, who gave him that responsibility. We have laws and anything which is not within the law then there’s no discussion about it. I’ve seen the utterances he made on social media and that is wrong,” said Mama Nyaguthii

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