Njugush Lights Up The Internet With A Throwback Pic

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Njungush and Celestine Ndinda also known as Wakavinye in the past few years have grown to be one of the most loved and followed Celebrity couples in the country owing to be one of the pioneers of YouTube comedy in Kenya.


Since walking down the aisle in a colorful white wedding the couple has been blessed with one Bubbly kid, Tugi, who they’ve also introduced in the comedy skits.

They don’t shy away from posting their photos when they Started life in a bid to inspire someone to keep fighting for his/her dreams in life.

In one of the recent photos, Ndinda shared a cropped photo in which Njugush was seen rocking on blue shirt, black tie,black trousers and brown shoes, while she was on red Kitenge skit and white cleavage.

The photo caused an online Stir as Kenyan went on to note on Njugush frame who looked extremely ’emanciated’ with sharp cheeks visible.

That’s compared to his recent body which has completely been transformed after hitting the gym.

“Swipe 👉the feel free to 😂😂😂😂, usiogope. Goodnight 😅. ” She captioned.


Kenyans couldn’t hold themselves but laugh at them while others where definitely inspired as they took to comments section.

Before kemikal and after kemikal😂🙌

Waaah the only man who has grown younger 😂

Kwani 2nd slide ni grand p 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Cele alichukua Njugush akajioshea,oneni sasa vile wanapendeza ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Kiwendo tu

Kitambo Njugush walikuwa related na Kipchoge somehow😂😂😂

Waah karibu Njugush akonde😂👌🏾

Hizo ni boat amevaa kama viatu kwa pic 2 huyu

Ulikuwa unakaa zombie hapa😂😂


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