President Uhuru Allegedly Instructs Mt Kenya Leaders To Invite Raila More In The Region To Initiate Government Projects

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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s handlers are happy with ODM leader Raila Odinga’s progress with regards to his attempts to capture the Mt Kenya vote in his 2022 presidential bid, it has emerged.

The former Premier has been giving special attention to the huge vote basket, apparently with the support of the President, who, together with his strategists, are working hard to ensure that things are smooth.

Uhuru is reported to be satisfied with how Raila is scaling the mountain, with The Star reporting that he has resorted to give him more opportunities to engage with Central Kenya natives for better results.

As a result, the paper has established, area governors and MPs allied to the President have been directed to initiate programs and invite him, the plan being to give him more exposure in the region.

This is as some allies of the President observe that Raila has already succeeded in wooing the region and that it is only a matter of time before the people make a U-turn and fully declare their support for him.

“The ground is shifting and it is a matter of time before Raila takes charge of the mountain’s support,” Kieni MP Kanini Kega, one of those who accompanied him to the region on Monday, said.

An almost similar observation has been made by former Cabinet Minister Franklin Bett, who says that Raila’s strategy of keeping the region guessing regarding his plan for it is succeeding.

“Raila is playing a very tactical and smart game. He has been releasing snippets of his manifesto bit by bit and that way endearing himself to the region,” he told the paper.

But he says that the crowds being seen attending Raila’s rallies shouldn’t be seen as a reflection of the amount of votes he will get, as Mt Kenyans will ultimately retreat to make their own decision.

This is as he admits that Deputy President William Ruto will also get a portion of the vote.

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