PSG: Gianluigi Donnarumma did not miss it

The pressure was strong on the shoulders of the Italian goalkeeper, preferred to Keylor Navas for this first European shock of the season. Donnarumma did not disappoint.

Gianluigi Donnarumma’s tenure for PSG-Manchester City looks a lot like Mauricio Pochettino’s scoring first choice for the starting goalie position this season. While Keylor Navas had just chained Metz and Montpellier in Ligue 1, the Argentine coach of PSG ruled in favor of the summer recruit for the first European shock of the season. A strong choice, which risks making the morale of the Costa Rican just as he had to increase the pressure on the Italian.

He finally relieved himself perfectly to deliver an impeccable performance, a clean-sheet with 7 saves made, according to UEFA statistics. Whether in the air, up close or on long strikes, he made no mistakes and was able to deploy his impressive 96 meter on several occasions. On Sky Italia, he shared his feeling after the meeting. “It was not an easy game. But I’m happy to be here. The club always supports me and it’s fantastic to play with all these champions. I dreamed of my debut in the Champions League and it came true. It’s fantastic to play with all these champions: they help you so much, they make you grow. It’s great and kudos to Leo on his first goal for PSG, but we all know it’s a phenomenon. “

An ascendant over Navas?

Has Donnarumma taken the lead in the race for the number 1 position? Difficult to say even if his tenure in the evening necessarily gives him a psychological advantage. Keylor Navas had played the first day of the Champions League against Bruges and he will not admit defeat so quickly. But Donnarumma could already have the satisfaction of having responded to the first criticisms of his choice of club, while the Italian press was already evoking unease recently.

“It makes me laugh, every time I go on my phone I read so much. It gets over me because it’s my strength, I know who I am, there is no type of problem. I am happy to be there, I have a club that supports me a lot. So it makes me laugh when I see this nonsense on social networks. I thank all the people who are close to me: my father, my mother, my companion. I thank them so much because it was not an easy time, but I got away with it because I have an amazing family. I was serene and I knew that this moment would come and that I would enjoy it with them. “ And with all the Parisian supporters, visibly conquered by the services of the 2020 European champion.

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