Swimming with dolphins will be banned in Hawaii

Spinner dolphins are known to soar through the water and perform stunts before diving back into the water.

The tourists who after september 28 come to Hawaii with a desire to swim with dolphins will most likely be one of the disappointments of your life. This is because the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has just banned the practice, which was one of the main tourist attractions in the state.

“Like all animals, the spinner dolphins from Hawaii also need to rest“, said the entity in a statement. The standard also clarifies that boats, stand-up paddle boards and canoes less than two nautical miles off the coast of Hawaii must maintain a safe distance from the animals.

Spinner dolphins — or spinner dolphins, in English — are known for rotate in the air about themselves. As a general rule, they use the night to hunt and during the day they approach the coast, where tourists and residents can have a closer look at its appearance, but also its acrobatics. This approach created, among humans, the habit of swim with the animals.

However, the “lack of rest periods consistent and undisturbed reduces the amount of energy” dolphins have to “hunt and care for their young”, I understand the organism. According to NOAA, “chronic exposure to human activities during the day and in their habitat places the population of rotating dolphins at risk” — an increasing risk of considering the accumulate of years where animals are subject to these activities.

The PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) association agrees with the ban and considers that “anyone who cares with the animals you should avoid going on excursions to swim alongside them”. “Most people have good intentions when they go on these excursions or visit parks that allow this contact with dolphins. But if these people knew the truth behind the deceitful smiles of the dolphins would lie horrified for supporting this system”, explained the association.

In addition to Hawaii, NOAA is also considering prohibit access to some parts of Maui and the Big Island, where dolphins are used to spending their days, points out Travel and Leisure.

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