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Media personality Mwanaisha Chidzuga has recalled her last moments with her late mum, Zainab Chudzuga before her death. The media personality turned politician said she was by her side when she took her final bow, noting that she is at peace as she left her kids together. “I was with her in the hospital because she was sick for a while. We spoke a day before her death, because her condition was critical so we couldn’t talk much but wherever she is, she’s at peace. 

She is happy she left her kids together, that’s the most important thing. She was my adviser I would go to her whenever I would have problems and I would get energy to move on having in mind that I had my mum. I thank God for my mum, she was strong, she was not selfish and she would always wish good on people,” said Mwanaisha

Mwanaisha also spoke on her interest in politics, saying she has been in politics since way back when her mother was organising campaigns in Kwale, to when she clinched the Woman Rep seat. “I have been in politics since way back even before I was married. My mother was on the front line in organising campaigns in Kwale. She later became an MP, we supported her and later became a Woman Rep. Already my mother was in politics, so my entire life I’ve been in politics,” she stated.  

Mwanaisha talked about vying for the same seat with her elder brother, clarifying that they were both recommended for the seat by elders. “There is no indifferences among us. He is my elder brother and I love him so much, we are best of friends. We have done a lot together. It was not a personal decision, elders in Matuga constituency sat down and recommended the both of us for the parliamentary seat,” she clarified. 

On being married to politician Danson Mungatana, she noted that it comes with a lot of pressure, however, noting that trust and understanding him keeps her going. “Pressure. Especially if he is handsome, he is loved a lot. You have to understand your husband and also trust comes in handy. Even if he would not be a politician, women will always remain the same. The important thing is how well you know your  man,” said Mwanaisha.  

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