Never Seen Before Pics Of Taji Wa Jesus

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Youtubers kabi and Milly wa Jesus are over the moon as their baby, Taji just turned two years old. Would you believe that? He was just born the other day and he is already celebrating his second birthday! Even these two don’t believe how time has flown since he was born.

Both Milly and Kabi dedicated Instagram posts for their son with special messages.

They shared pics of Taji when he was just two weeks old.


He was only 2 weeks old when we took this photo and Today he is 2 years old. Its just amazing how time flies it has taken the hand of God to see him grow this big. Yani the journey of being involved in every step of his growth has been the best

When we took this photo the guy was too calm and would just be moved anywhere without question but as he grows older its clear his also growing out of our hands you won’t even believe what a struggle its been just to take photos of him to celebrate his birthday.

Milly also celebrated her son’s milestone and prayed that he lives his life serving God.


I am honestly soo blessed to be called your mum. I declare nothing but God’s supernatural favour, joy and peace over your life

May you live to serve Him all the days of your life. Keep growing into the amazing soul you are

Happy Birthday to Prince Taji, May he keep growing to become what God wants him to become in Jesus Precious Name 🙏🎂

Happiest birthday taji😘

Happy birthday Taji ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Happy Birthday Taji…keep winning😍

Happy birthday to him and many more to come 🎉

Happy birthday, son, live joyful life😍😍

The Wajesus family

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