KU Medical Student Found Dead At Qwetu Hostels

A Kenyatta University Medical student has died under mysterious circumstances at Qwetu Hostels in Ruaraka, Nairobi county.

The family claims the student, Neema Githae was allegedly murdered at the hostel and the body was hurriedly moved to the City Mortuary to conceal the crime.

According to the late Neema’s mother, Linda Macharia, the student was purportedly murdered under unclear circumstances.
The matter is being investigated by the DCI Pangani.

Neema, aged only 21 years allegedly committed suicide, according to Qwetu Hostels. But no post mortem has been conducted to confirm the same.

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Police from Ruaraka were called into the hostels on Thursday after the student was found dead. The family said the body was moved by the police to City Mortuary without their knowledge.

They added that police officers visited the hostel, took away the body of Neema without informing her parents.
Neema had just completed her attachment at the Embu Level Five hospital.

Ironically, the student’s mother was only informed after the body had been removed from the hostel premises, despite her being a Nairobi resident.

The family has hired lawyer Danston Omari to probe what it alleges as murder of the innocent student.

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  1. Something ,Fishy going on, a day after That students death, another Ugandan medical student died on the 2nd of May 2021 under mysterious circumstances. Qwetu Hostels ought to be closed and investigated, otherwise it could be a killing field.

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