Man kills his girlfriend in Kapenguria and casually walks to the police station to report

KAPENGURIA, Kenya Sep 30 – A man killed his girlfriend in Kapenguria and casually walked to the nearest police station to report and hand himself in for arrest.

In what sounds like a movie script, the 29-year-old man identified as Nelson Baraza alias Tupa Tupa casually walked to Kapenguria Police Station in West Pokot County on Wednesday evening and asked detectives at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to accompany him so as to show them his girlfriend’s body.

“He told our officers that he had murdered his girlfriend and didn’t want her kin and our officers to spend valuable time looking for her,” the DCI said in a statement narrating the bizarre ordeal, “The officers who were bemused by the man’s confession questioned him further on the veracity of his claims, since such admissions are hard to come by.”

And when the detectives were convinced by his claim, they drove with him to the scene where he led them to a maize plantation.

“Upon arrival on the foot of Kamatira hills, 10 kilometers away from the station, they were confronted by the body of the 20-year-old Egla Chepkorir sprawled under a tree in the middle of a maize plantation,” the DCI added.

According to detectives, Baraza explained that he killed Egla after “he found out that she had been in a clandestine love affair with another man. With the pain of betrayal too much to bear, he lured her to the plantation and brutally murdered her using a leso before walking to the police station to book himself for the murder.”

The leso has been recovered as evidence and Baraza arrested.

The DCI said the man is now locked up in preparation for a court appearance to answer to a murder charge.

“He is in custody ready to answer to the murder charge he confessed to committing,” a senior detective told Capital FM News.

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