OM-Galatasaray: a meeting under very high tension

Beyond the clashes in the stands, the meeting between Olympique Marseille and Galatasaray was not easy. It was tough on the pitch too.

The evening was very complicated to manage at the Orange Vélodrome during the meeting between Olympique de Marseille and Galatasaray. Indeed, despite a reinforced safety device, the meeting was interrupted just before half-time since the north turn and the stand – well stocked – visitors sent each other a number of objects. We even got eight minutes of added time in both periods.

But this is not the only place where it has been chaotic. On the ground, the tension was also very present. During the first act, no real incident was to be deplored, no gross or dangerous mistakes. But in the second half, it was a real festival. Everything got worse when Mattéo Guendouzi collapsed in the box after contact with Patrick van Aanholt.

Berserk longoria

Under a rather crazy hubbub, the referee was going to consult the VAR with the pressure of the two benches just behind him and a Jorge Sampaoli who had trouble keeping his nerves. Result, no penalty. What made the whole Marseille team crazy. But the Marseille coach decided to send a question on refereeing: “ the ref was close to the action then he used VAR, I don’t mind that. I take care of the field and the players, but not all of that “.

At the very end of the game, after a duel, Diagne and Saliba almost came to blows. An almost general fight broke out. Alvaro and Saliba yellow, Diagne yellow too. Finally, new chaos at the final whistle. While Pablo Longoria, furious came to say what he thought of the referee, Patrick Van Aanholt, shirtless, wanted to do battle with Mattéo Guendouzi. A very sad evening.

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