Raburu Hints At Having Trouble With Baby Mama

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Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu has revealed the troubles he and his girlfriend Ivy Namu are going through at the moment.

Taking to her Instagram page, Raburu revealed that they are currently having issues with feed their newborn child. He said that he and Ivy are unable to give the minor his formula.

While trying to explain why his son was not taking his formula, Raburu shared a part of the Wash Wash comedy series by Terence Creative where he complains to his servants why they couldn’t offer him fine whisky.

“Our son anytime we try and give him formula… amekataaaa @terencecreative ngamwaya 🤣🤣🤣🤣,” Raburu said.

On her part, Namu said; “baby ngataka fine breast milk pekee yake.”

Taking to her Instagram stories Namu also revealed that she had to change her clothes to allow her easily feed the child.

“Changed into @nursingmama_ke top makes it easy to breastfeed and express milk,” Namu said.

Since announcing the delivery of the baby in July, Raburu has been sharing videos of the son on his Instagram stories. He has been sharing videos of his carrying the baby in the middle of the night or of the child playing in his bed.

Raburu and Ivy, who have been dating low-key, welcomed their son two months ago weeks after they held an invite-only Baby shower.

Sharing the news of the child’s delivery for the first time to the public, Raburu shared a photo of the baby holding his hand on his Instagram stories accompanying it with Elevation Worship and Maverick City’s song Million Little Miracles.

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