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Internet sensation Sande Mayau, alias Mtumba man penned an appreciation message after landing numerous deals. Through his social media page, he thanked God for enabling him to take full control of his life, adding that he never knew his life would change, terming it a miracle. 

A living testimony that God lives, God answers prayers, God turns tables, He is the Lord he will remain to be the greatest, I look back at my life all I see pain and suffering, I never knew this will happen some day. This is a miracle. God forgive me for the wrongs I have done, take full control of my life, Lord. I’m nobody without you. God I thank you for my mother back home, she has been through a lot Lord,” he said. 

Mayau also thanked her mother for encouraging him and putting in effort despite challenges that they had while growing up. “Thank you mum for the prayers na kutuvumilia kwa shida na kuteswa kwetu nyumbani. I’ll never forget the day we slept in the cold while crying because the blankets had been taken away by uncle OP. Mum you’ve been through alot and your son is out here through God’s love, kindness, mercy and favor to make you smile,” he added. 

He further thanked media personality Jalang’o and Devine Collection CEO Mercy Maluli for helping him after a comical video of himself selling second hand clothes went viral online.  “Jalango, thank you so much, God bless you. Mercy Maluli thank you, you came through at my lowest, Mercy you mean a lot and God bless you plus your family. For those who have been praying and wishing God’s grace upon me, I pray that God opens the doors for all of us,” wrote Mayau.

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