Bridget Achieng Remembers Her Mom In An Emotional Post

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Socialite Bridget Achieng has taken to her Instagram stories to remember her mother who died in 2019. Taking to her page, she shared a picture of herself in tears, a photo that seemingly was captured during her mother’s burial.

She then added a caption, saying how much she still misses her mother. The socialite who is currently in Turkey lost her mother on 2nd April 2019.

It is understood that the socialite lived with her parents in Nairobi, Kibera before shooting to fame. Despite financial challenges, she found her way up the ladder she is currently among the most famous socialites in the country.


Her breakthrough can be traced back to when she featured in the Nairobi Diaries that premiered in 2015. From the exposure and publicity she got, she managed to build her niche.

However, things changed to the best for her following her organized Nai Fest that she used to celebrate Kenyan Music and artists. On this, she had several top-performing artists entertain the attendees. She recently flew to Turkey where she decided to look for greener pastures for her son and her family.

This name @bridgetachieng had opened sooo many doors for me, it’s not easy to enter foreign land and it accepts you ✅✅ i am now a licenced agent here in turkey , i have a company , under 2 months, all i want is to live a legacy ,it’s not been easy , i have slept on the street , been homeless , i will never be scared to tell it as it is …but now my story has changed abroad is not easy but it’s worth it ….i have achieved alot under 2 months …i. Can’t wait for my fellow kenyan sisters and brothers to join me cash out and help our families ….for every glory there is a story . To my late mom and dad will continue making you proud 


Bridget Achieng Turkey

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