Makau Mulu; I’ll only believe they’ll be no strong Kikuyu candidate on the ballot on August 9th

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Kitui Central member of parliament and Kalonzo Musyoka loyalist Makau Mulu has laughed off those presidential candidates who have been trooping in Central Kenya with hopes of curving away a chunk of votes from the region’s populous and rich vote basket. Makau says that they as the Kamba community enjoy the advantage of close proximity to their cousins from the mountain, and for that reason, they have a deeper and better understanding of them than the rest of the country.

Perhaps alluding to the fact that it may be the reason why his party leader hasn’t been seen trying to make inroads into the vote-rich area, Makau cautioned presidential hopefuls against getting their hopes too high as far as the Mount Kenya vote is concerned.

Makau was speaking while appearing on KTN’s weekly political show Crossfire which was hosted by the station’s presenter, Akisa Wandera. Others on the show were former Jubilee nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura and Kieni member of parliament, Kanini Kega.

Mulu, who is also a second-term parliamentarian said that personally, he still had a hard time digesting the fact which has been bandied around for a while now that the Kikuyu community won’t be having one of their own on the ballot, but rather, will support someone from another community. He went further on to declare that he would only believe that the Mount Kenya region won’t be having one of their own on the ballot only when it actually happens. Anything short of that, he said he remains apprehensive.

Sounding cautionary to the other presidential candidates, Mulu warned that they might very well be in for a big surprise when, between now and the elections, the community puzzles everyone by popping out a candidate.

In the recent past leading presidential candidates Musalia Mudavadi and William Ruto have focused their energies on the Mount Kenya region, with hopes of bagging a fraction of the area’s votes.

While the Orange Democratic Movement party leader and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is yet to officially announce his presidential ambitions, he made the clearest indication so far yet of this after meeting a group of wealthy Mount Kenya business people in Naivasha recently.

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