Mtwapa Lovers Die In Horrific Suicide

Two lovers committed suicide early Saturday morning after leaping from the fifth story of an apartment in Mtwapa’s luxury district, Kilifi County, according to police.

The two were identified as Lucy Nyokabi, 23, a Bigsal apartment renter who was cohabiting with a man, who was yet to be identified at the time of this report.

According to reports, a guard was shaken by a loud bang.

“He heard a loud bang in the backyard, followed by the deafening noise of a car alarm. The guard went round to check what was happening, only to be confronted by the sight of a man’s naked body, lying on the ground. As he pondered his next move, a second body this time belonging to a woman landed on his feet with a thud!,” Said the police.

The perplexed guard informed investigators that there were “dropping spirits” at his workplace when they arrived.

However, on closer investigation, the bodies were that of the couple, whose bodies had multiple fractures.

Police officers have launched investigations into the incident.

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