PSG: the astonishing justification of Mauricio Pochettino

The capital club fell for the first time this season in Rennes (0-2). A defeat which once again underlined the big imbalances in the Parisian team. But for Mauricio Pochettino, that’s not what explains the defeat of his players.

Statistically, it’s not much of a surprise. The second Ligue 1 team (after OL) to have knocked down Paris Saint-Germain in the league most often since 2011, Stade Rennais has therefore done so again. By winning two goals to zero, the Bretons have relaunched themselves in Ligue 1, but they are above all the first to bring down the Ile-de-France ogre who remained on eight consecutive successes.

In Brittany, the Rouge-et-Bleu, however, aligned almost the same team as against Manchester City. Only Angel Di Maria replaced Ander Herrera. On paper, it was pretty. But on the ground, we again saw a Parisian formation in a hurry from all sides and especially too easily taken in defense. What relaunch the famous debate on the usefulness of aligning the 4 fantastic Messi-Neymar-Mbappé-Di Maria. But for Mauricio Pochettino, this is not what explains the bankruptcy of his family.

The 2 goals hurt

“It can’t be that, we had five days of recovery. Of those 25-30 minutes in the first half, conceding a goal on Rennes’ sole action had a big emotional impact. We thought of reversing the tide in the second, and on the first action, we took the goal. We ended the first period playing great football, but we started the second period at 2-0. This is something to be taken into account. Being frustrated with the 2-0 while playing great football is the difference with a team that leads 2-0 ”, he said at a press conference, before concluding.

“It’s the secret, we must not go further to justify the result. (…) No one likes to lose. The way we lost, I don’t take the credit away from Rennes, but it’s true that it’s a bit of a paradox to play well in the first period and start the second period at 2-0. Everyone is angry. We knew that Rennes was going to be aggressive, but the form annoys because we did not know how to materialize the opportunities we had. And the blows of fate have always been on the opposing side and not ours ”. Not sure, however, that this is enough to hide the defensive deficiencies caused by the presence of 4 offensives, nor to explain why the Parisians were physically blunt despite five days of recovery, for example.

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