Supporters allowed to return in large numbers to the stadiums

Stadiums continue to fill up little by little all over Europe. While France and England were able to reopen the stadiums to 100% capacity for the resumption of their respective championships at the start of the season, Germany, Italy and Spain should soon emulate their neighbors at their speed. The authorities across the Pyrenees have also raised the gauge, previously to 60%, even if the distance of 1.5m between each spectator reduces the chances of seeing sold-out enclosures in the Spanish championship.

As for Italy, the health authorities have accepted for the moment only a future increase of the gauge to 75%, fixed at 50% previously, which should not only concern the next day of Serie A, but also the phase Nations League final, organized in Milan and Turin. Finally, Germany: the stadiums can only half fill their stands, some regions have authorized the lifting of the gauges provided they have a complete vaccination schedule. Good news also for South American countries, such as Brazil and Argentina, which should implement a gradual increase in the gauges to avoid a new wave of contamination.

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