Win For Raila In Mt. Kenya After Key Ally Appointed Region’s Spokesperson

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Boost for ODM leader Raila Odinga in his quest to woo the Mt. Kenyan region after his key ally, Francis Ole Kaparo was appointed the spokesperson of one of the communities living in the region.

The former National Assembly speaker was declared the spokesperson of the Maasai community living in Laikipia – a region also considered to be part of the Mt. Kenya region.

Ole Kaparo was declared the spokesperson by elders of the five clans of Laikipia Maasai. The elders were drawn from Mumunyot, Il Digiri, Lewaso, Il Ng’wesi and Ilmukokoondo clans.

The elders noted that it is Ole Kaparo who will now be speaking on behalf of the community. They also called off outsiders who have been talking about issues affecting Laikipia County.

The elders called on outsiders to respect those affected by issues in Laikipia and shun giving misleading information.

The appointment of Ole Kaparo as a spokesperson comes weeks after he and other high-profile leaders from the Maasai community endorsed Raila for his 2022 Presidential bid.

Former National Assembly Speaker Francis Ole Kaparo appointed Maasai Spokesperson. Photo: Courtesy. Kaparo who was the founding chairperson of Deputy President William Ruto’s defunct URP party helped the Jubilee party win the last two consecutive elections.

Since he has now shifted his support to Raila Odinga, ODM is hoping the former speakers might help them win the presidency seat come 2022 by convincing the people of Laikipia to elect Raila.

While giving his reasons to dump DP William Ruto, Kaparo said the Maa community is safer in the hands of Raila. According to him, Raila is the only leader with the interest of the Maa community at heart, unlike other presidential aspirants.

“I have come because I want to help him (Raila). I am not a member of either ODM or Jubilee. I don’t belong to any political affiliation but I have a vote, a voice, and influence,” he said as reported by the Star.

“I have come to use my voice, my name, and wisdom to help Raila and whoever is unhappy what will he or she do? Even if I am not a member of ODM or Jubilee parties, let me tell you the truth, the man (Raila) cannot harm the Maasai community.”

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