Azziad Claps Back At Her Followers

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TikTok queen, Azziad Nasenya has told off her fans who advised her to stop using filters on her pictures. Azziad Nasenya shared a video on her TikTok platform where she told her fans off. Nasenya has been in the limelight ever since her TikTok video of ‘utawezena’ challenge went viral on social media. Well, the young celebrity stated that she has been noting comments from her fans where majority advice her to stop using filters on her photos and just be natural on social media.

The radio presenter told her fans off by stating on the TikTok video that people should learn to mind their own business. The presenter claimed that fans who keep on sending her those kinds of comments are just jealous of her progress. Azziad Nasenya told her fans to stop giving her advice and just mind their own business.

Without a doubt, Azziad has really evolved ever since she came into the limelight. When her video went viral, she was around eight years old. Today, she is more into grown looks to complete her love of makeup. Even her wardrobe has changed. She is not into jeans and T-shirts as in the past and probably that is why her followers are onto her case.

I think it’s time people let the Tiktok queen. We all have the freedom to post whatever we want on our social media accounts and she should be given the same, without being judged.

Azziad Nasenya

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