Details Emerge On How Uhuru Rejected Ruto’s Push For A Reunion

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Deputy President William Ruto might have to embrace his ongoing woes in government if latest reports from within President Uhuru Kenyatta’s inner circle are anything to go by.

Ruto has reportedly been pushing for a dialogue with the President, one that he hopes will culminate in a handshake with the President, and one that would end their four years of enmity.

It is for this reason that The Standard was told that he readily accepted an earlier offer by the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops to reunite them and proceeded to write to KFCB to show his commitment.

Yesterday, a copy of the letter was released, showing Ruto’s desire to engage the President, in response to earlier remarks by the priests that both leaders have refused to respond to the last month’s truce offer.

But insiders of the President have dismissed any chances of Uhuru engaging Ruto, after realizing that he is not genuine in his offer. They say that the President has rejected the calls for deliberations.

“The president has declined any talks. The DP is in government, let him keep quiet and focus on his work. The talks just worsens the situation,” a source very close to the Head of State told the paper.

This comes as good news for ODM leader Raila Odinga, who seems to have replaced Ruto as Uhuru’s right hand man and seems to have taken the presidential endorsement Ruto was to get.

An UhuRuto handshake could complicate things for Raila, with regards to his 2022 presidential bid, which seems to fully depend on Uhuru’s manouvers as it could easily result in Uhuru switching back to Ruto.

Only a day after the bishops offered to reunite the two last month, Ruto said that he is ready and without any conditions or demands.

Thanks to his enmity with the President and the verbal exchanges that have followed, he has been pushed aside with regards to running the government and his allies removed from top parliamentary seats.

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