Diamond Platnumz Chases Away His Step Dad

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Diamond Platnumz’s stepfather Uncle Shamte has come out to confirm the rumors that the singer chased him from his mother’s house.

Commenting on a birthday message posted by Diamond’s brother Romy Jons, Uncle Shamte revealed that he was chased from the family and was denied a chance to be at Diamond’s birthday party.


“KUFUKUZWA KUBAYA JAMANI… NAKOSA BIRTHDAY YA MWANANGU,” Uncle Shamte wrote adding his statement with crying emojis.

When Romy Jones asked who had chased him from the family, Diamond’s mother Mama Dangote confirmed that she is the one who chased her lover away from the family.

The affirmations come days after a Tanzanian blogger revealed that Diamond and his mother recently fought over Uncle Shamte.


According to the blogger, the two engaged in a fight after Diamond reportedly confronted his mother asking him to chase away her lover.

Diamond is said to have wanted the mother to let go of Uncle Shamte because he felt like the man was not taking steps in life.

The blogger also claimed that Diamond viewed Uncle Shamte as a liability to their family since he was eating for free and was not adding any value to the family.

“Laana imeanza kuwatafuna wao kwa wao sasaaaa. Wameanza kutengana! Ila baba wa taifa alisema ukianza kula nyama ya mtu utakula hadi ndugu zakoo! Sasa leo mama na mwana nao wamegombana mwambino hamtaki uncle eti hajiongezi aondoke anakula bure eti haha,” the bloger wrote.

Diamond Platnumz

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