Mr. Seed’s Baby Mama Accuses Him Of Being Deadbeat

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Mr Seed must have learned his lesson after getting involved with Somali crush, Swabrina who he apparently got pregnant with; and the two already welcomed a baby boy – but problem is, the lady claims Seed isn’t supporting her.

For the past few months, the lass has been painting Mr Seed as a deadbeat dad and looks like she is not about to stop.

Swabrina made this clear by sharing a few posts about deadbeat dads and at some point, she actually accused Mr Seed of having 3 kids.

Well, chances are that the baby mama is still going through the bitter phase; (which is understandable) but the drama for real leaves her looking like the toxic one. But hey, her monkey – her circus, right?

However with the bitter posts at least I can say that we have learned new information about Mr Seed who is apparently a father of three.

Well, we already know of his son Gold with his wife, Nimo, and the second child with his Somali fling; but we can’t help but wonder whether the alleged 3rd baby mama exists or not.

Swabrina said that when the time is right, they will go for a DNA test and she will prove that the baby belongs to Mr. Seed. Honestly, we can’t wait for that so that this can all over, once and for all.

Mr. Seed baby mama

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