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Radio presenter Stacey Atieno, famously known as Nyardhudha is the latest celebrity to accuse singer Willy Paul of sexual assault. Speaking in an interview, the radio presenter disclosed that she was looking for a job when the singer invited her to his studio where he sexually assaulted her. 

Sh*t happened between me and Willy Pozze. This guy just assaults women. You can’t call me saying you want to work with me, we get to the studio, you tell me to stand you want to look at my ass; fine I was naive, I was looking for a job, I had nothing, I was 19 years old,” she said in part. 

Atieno also said Willy Paul asked her to touch him on his genitals, “You start touching me and ask me to touch you and feel how hard you are. Let me tell you, whatever you did to me is going to come to you, it’s going to haunt your kids and I’m saying that karma is a bitch. These things you’re doing to women, assaulting them and having sex with them without their permission,” she added.  The musician is yet to respond to the allegations.

This comes a month after singer Miss P accused Willy Paul of sexually assaulting her multiple times after signing her to his label Saldido Record. “He forced me to have sex with him, not once not twice. I had to tell my mum because I had to get medical attention because I don’t know this person, sijui tabia zake. My mum helped me Alhamdulillah, otherwise at this very moment ningekua nimesha jifungua or I would be nine months pregnant with his child. He forced me to have sex with him na alikataa kutumia protection, not once not twice,” said Miss P

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