Amira Reveals Her New Obsession Apart From Amber Ray

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Jamal Marlow and his wife Amira seem to be enjoying the time of their lives together since Amber Ray moved out of the picture.

On Tuesday, Amira took to her social media to reveal that she is obsessed with an expensive phone her husband bought for her.

Amira. Amira noted that Jamal bought her new iPhone 13 Pro Max worth Ksh 180,000 because she has been good to him.

“They say good things happen to good people. Thank you @jimal_rohosafi. I am obsessed with my new iPhone 13 pro max,” she said as she showed a video of the new phone.

In his response, Jamal revealed that he is blessed to have Amira in her life. He shared a video of Amira and him enjoying their moments.

An iPhone 13 Pro phone that Jamal has bought for Amira. Photo: Instagram “That’s my beautiful mum,” Jamal says in the video before he heard kissing Amira.

Amira and Jamal have been enjoying life together ever since the latter broke up with her estranged lover Amber Ray.

Before the breakup, Amira seemed to be obsessed with her lover competitor, Amber. At the time she used to check the kind of stereo she uses, her cooking pots, and many other things that she could use to bash her.

Amira was against the relationship between Jamal and Amira claiming that her husband did not inform her of marrying Amber and never followed the due process to marry a second wife.

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